JMJ Designs -"The Art of Tile"
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 JMJ Designs
“The Art of Tile”

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Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center Gift Store
carries tiles with views from the area.

The murals pictured here and in the gallery (click on "See More Murals", above right) are examples from my photographic collection.  The possibilities are endless. 
What do you have in mind?

JMJ Designs creates custom designed tile murals, one on one, with each customer.  Almost any image, photo, pattern or graphic logo can be reproduced in stunning color and clarity.  Murals can be permanently installed or mounted for display as wall art.  Size is dependent only on available space and quality of the image.  All JMJ Designs images are high resolution digital photos.  (Use of your photos may be possible. Contact us for more info).  Computer graphic designs are also available, and their size is almost limitless.


About the Tiles…

Most anything that can be printed can be dyed into the tile surface.  The tiles are real ceramic, and can be installed and grouted onto a wall, using unsanded grout. 

Images and patterns make great back splashes in kitchens and bathrooms, and decorative art around any room.

Tiles come in sizes from 4 ¼” to 12”

(rectangular and round also available)

Care and Upkeep…

The images are dyed into the tile surface and cannot be wiped off.  Clean with regular glass cleaners or other non-abrasive solutions.  Use soft cloths only, like microfiber.  Paper towels are a bit abrasive and can scratch the surface.


Custom Designs

We specialize in artwork designed for, and with each client…

All murals are handmade

Prices are based on size, photo, and custom work.

Murals (12 3/4" x 8 1/2") from $59 and up

Single tiles (8" & 12") are also available from $25/$40.

JMJ Designs
is located in Las Vegas, Nevada
Call (702) 368-3565

For a free consultation.
Samples of the tiles are also available.

I am constantly updating, and upgrading this web site.  Please book mark and return to see what's new...Rick

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